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14th Baikal International Fur Auction (BIFA)

Start of trading the 14th BIFA:



December, 18 – 19, 2023
Saint-Petersburg city


December, 20, 2023
Saint-Petersburg city

Dear customers!
We invite you to participate in coming Joint International Fur Auction in St. Petersburg.

Auction will be held from December 18 to 21, 2023..

Inspection: December, 18 - 19

Online sales: December, 20 – 21

The Baikal Auction Company «Russian Sable» and Auction Company «Sojuzpushnina» inform that 25 000 skins of wild sable is planning to offer at the upcoming December joint international fur auction.

We also inform that the registration for the auction is open.

We kindly ask you to fill out the form on the Online Auction page.

If you have any questions, please contact:

BAC «Russian Sable»
Tel.: (+7) 3952 487-101
Email: ak@sobol138.ru

AC Sojuzpushnina
Tel.: (+7) (812) 313-67-13, (812) 313-67-14
Email: sojuzpushnina@spb.sojuzpushnina.ru

Actual news

There was the fifth annual meeting of Eastern Siberia Chamber of Commerce and Industry Core Group Union with Irkutsk Oblast Governor I. Read more...

Auction company "Russian Sable"

Russian Sable – is the first Siberian auction company located in Irkutsk – capital of the region specializing in the supply of unique Russian Barguzin sable. We established our company in April 2016 and have already had 11 successful auctions as a result of well-coordinated work of the team of professional trappers, commodity experts, fur suppliers, as well as economic, information and other departments of the company.

Why Irkutsk?

• Irkutsk – capital of the region specializing in the supply of unique Russian Barguzin sable
• Transportation to Irkutsk sable is convenient to our suppliers. No wonder that for many years the largest Russian fur was databased here.
• Irkutsk is a modern and developed metropolis, where there is all the necessary infrastructure for carrying out the logistics required by the auction

• In Irkutsk, there is the main Russian school of hunting specialists, professionals who organize hunting and manage harvesting of fur-bearing animals in the vast territory of Siberia
• One of the best commodity experts in Russia lives and works in Irkutsk