8th BIFA :: BAK Russian Sable

8th Baikal International Fur Auction (BIFA)

Sales results of joint international fur auction Baikal Auction Company «Russian Sable» and «Auction Company «Sojuzpushnina».

The results of sales of the joint February 2021 auction suggest that the fur market, despite the pandemic of coronavirus, is in the process of recovery.

More than 100 buyers took part in the auction. The main quantity of sable skins was bought by the firms from Hong Kong, Russia, China, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

The percentage of sales of wild sable skins was 85%. On average, the increase in prices compared to the December auction was 25%. Especially extra-large and large skins were in high demand. In a dark colour, the increase in prices amounted to about 20%. In pale colours, this size was sold with an increase in value from 60 to 80%. Raising of prices was up to 60% in silvery goods.

The TOP LOT of sable wild raw was bought by broker Christos Kotsaboikidis for company RENAISSANCE SOBOL BOUTIQUE (Moscow) at 2 300 USD per skin.

(in the photo: Elena Shmatova, Nikolay Piskunov, Vladimir Klimentev)

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Baikal Auction Company «Russian Sable» and Auction company «Sojuzpushnina» thank all buyers for participation in the auction and inform that next auction will be held on May 10-14, 2021.